Key Questions in Love and Marriage

Are you really going to be there for me?

Do I really matter to you?

Can I turn to you for comfort and strength?  If I am hurting or afraid, will you come to me?

Can I be my real self with you?

Are we in this together?  Can I count on you to "have my back"?

The Hold Me Tight Workshop will guide you and your partner through four of seven private conversations that capture the defining moments in a love relationship as outlined in Dr. Sue Johnson's book, "Hold Me Tight".  Terri will guide you with short talks about the main features of love and attachment, with videos of real couples providing examples of the patterns that are common to many of us.  We will discuss the demon dialogues that keep couples from being unable to really understand each other.  Couples will then work privately with each exercise.  The exercises are designed to lead  each couple step by step through the conversations.  The goal is that the couple will learn to speak in new ways which further their understanding of each other, help each partner learn to hear the deeper meaning of what their partner is saying so they can avoid demon dialogues and make changes that will strengthen their relationship.    

The workshop will benefit most all couples, from strengthening an already solid relationship helping to keep it strong and make it grow; to assisting a marriage in distress to begin the healing process and rejuvenate your love.

The workshop is not designed to replace formal couples therapy.  Couples already in therapy will likely experience a renewed since of understanding that can enhance the therapy process.

However, the workshop is not recommended for:

  • Couples in which one or both partners is clearly no longer engaged in the relationship.

  • Couples in which one or both partners is actively involved in an affair with a third person.

  • A couple in which there is physical or emotional abuse.

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